DC Power Automotive Solutions is a specialist mobile Auto Electrician and Air Conditioning Technician using industry leading and dealership level of service. We can assure great service by our internationally-trained, highly qualified auto electrician, licensed air conditioning technician and with more than 12 years of automotive experience. Our service provides accurate diagnostics and expert electrical & air conditioning solutions for all makes and models of:

  • Light vehicles (cars, utes, vans etc.)
  • Heavy vehicles (trucks, prime movers, bus)
  • Motor homes, caravans and trailers
  • Agricultural, Mining & Construction      Equipment
  • Aviation Ground Support Equipment
  • Commercial trucking and refrigeration
  • Emergency Medical Services and Fire Fighting vehicles
  • Industrial & Forestry equipment
  • Lawn & garden equipment
  • Marine
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • And many more!

We have range of automotive products to offer that can be purchased here and sent to you anywhere in Australia. If you need help in selecting parts for your vehicle, you can reach to us for professional advice. 

DC Power Automotive Solution - Owner / Auto Electrician

DC Power Automotive Solution - Owner / Auto Electrician


And because we are mobile, we keep our costs low and prices affordable. 

We guarantee our workmanship that we'll go through details with all our jobs to make sure our customers drive away satisfied every time.

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DC Power Automotive Solutions

Mackay, Queensland, Australia

OFFICE (07) 4818 2106 NIÑO 0478 192 731

We supply auto electrical parts and accessories Australia wide. Send us a message for inquiries.